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Dunken Company - Product Index
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PA804 Lancer On Standing Horse mold
PA805 Hussar On Walking Horse mold
PA80-5 Imperial Guard Grenadiers - Advancing, Bayonet, Kneeling
PA806 Dragoon, Cavalry Man And Accessories mold
PA80-6 Imperial Guard - Thrusting, Loading, Sapper
PA80-7 Imperial Guard Massed Band 1805
PA807 Kettle Drummer On Horse mold
PA80-8 8pdr Gribeauval Cannon
PA808-1 Highlanders mold
PA808-2 Black Watch Colour Party mold
PA80-9 French Line Artillery 1805- Part 1
PA809-1 British Army In India- Gordons Horse mold
PA809-2 British Army In India- Gordons Own mold
PA961 Vikingar - Chieftain mold
PA962 Vikingar - Huscarl mold
PA963 Vikingar - Bondi
PA964 Vikingar - Viking with treasure mold
PA965 Vikingar - Viking Axeman mold
PA966 Vikingar - Viking carrying Girl mold
PA967 Vikingar - Saxon Soldier mold
PA968 Vikingar - Saxon Peasant mold
PA969 Vikingar - Viking Archer mold
PA970 Huscarl with Raven Standard mold
PA971 Leif Eriksson - Viking Chief mold
PA972 Viking Settler with axe mold
PA973 Viking woman and child mold
PA974 Skraeling with spear mold
PA975 Skraeling with axe mold
Platoon leader - American Paratroopers
Running with bayonet - Australian Troops
S2407 tanding, Machine Gun - British 8th Army
Trooper throwing grenade - American Paratroopers
Trooper with knife and shovel - American Paratroopers
Walking with machine gun - American Paratroopers
Walking with machine gun - American Paratroopers
Walking with machine gun at ready - American Paratroopers
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